Short And Sweet

I just want to be your masterpiece

Paint me in the color of you

Because your blue is my favorite hue


My dad asked me if I saw demons

And I told him only when I look in the mirror, I miss the emotion in my eyes

It seemed with every death seen, the once tender, curious brown eyed gaze became hardened with brimstone and hardship

The transition of walking around the corner filled with giggles and funny smells

To Mary Jane dancing up my nostrils in between inhales and exhales, examining my own hells wondering how the hell did I get here

Was it the bullying faced in school that interrupted my cool?

No that gave me my hunger and the ability to face the adversity that came to me in many a form

Was it growing up with less, money-less pockets adding to the stress?

No that gave me my hunger and the ability to do what I mari-wanna, hustling with grumbling stomachs was out norm

Was it the acquittal of the drunk driver who murdered my sister?

I have to stop there….because in all honesty, November 19, 2003

Was a day a great lesson was bestowed upon me

Villains always win, in this great big world of sin a lot of us kept our girlfriends

A lot of us courted with death and flirted with life sentences, left with no choice but to continue the tradition taught at adolescence that villains always win

Forced to choose between hunger or morals, martyrs or pariahs, missed opportunities or Messiahs

And there were a lot more sinners than saints

So when I think about where I’m from and the words of those questions, past that my dad once asked

I still have to say yes, because villains always win and a demon is I’ve ever been

But you should know seeing as you made me who I am


What I want most in this world would be to be at the dinner table with Ernest Hemingway, Donald Goines, W.B Yeats, Mario Puzo, Hunter S. Thompson, and a myriad of other great authors. I wouldn’t even speak, only listen as lessons fill my mind, body, and soul.

— Jeffrey Bolden


I’m addicted to you

I’m addicted to you

Like the brown elixir within the syringe

I begin the day with the illicit vapors of your scent

I start off anew when my first high is you

That first morning drag of your lips is enough to cure the itch

The longing desire of a love emblazoned by a…

When we come together to , we can help create a safer world for men and women, boys and girls.  (x)

Love Between Two Poets II X Magna Opus

I hope to fall in love with a poet one day

The magic we could create with our sheets as paper, our lust as ink

What would the title be?

The names of our children or the aliases of our moments

Either way, I imagine a wedding ring made out of dreams

Yeats constructing our vows as poetry clutters the aisles of which I take your hand

Watching your father give you away, pen in hand, only telling me that you are his masterpiece

I relay I will treat his muse with care

But please, allow me, to be the one with the pen

Let me….and her…. create poetry within minutes, epics within hours

Let the poem that you created become ours, and I promise, on this day, a magna opus will be born with words written and words listened 

Justice For Villains

Justice serves the villains, on Earth this planet is painted with the murals of the wicked

Napoleon Bonaparte left us with only a gravestone and his violent history that left Europe in misery

My people suffered atrocities beyond measure at the hands of people whose sufferings brought them pleasure

And hear I am Satan’s Angel making amends

Ready to meet my uncle in Judeca, ready to see my father sitting on a throne of brimstone

And tell him I am your slave no more

I have taken justice into my hands, I will be Jesus of my own lands

I will take pleasure in the smiles of men and bring joy to the hearts of children, I will be your angel no more

And as I burn in the hell of my own creation

I will revel in the thought that my own brand of justice has been served, and it was served with just

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